Advertising your business and brand can be incredibly complicated. Even if you have the best product or service, even if you have the catchiest slogan, even if you have the most beautiful website, sometimes you need something that will bring in even more customers and help grow your business.

One creative way to help spread brand awareness for your business is advertising on vehicles. Whether you need a sleek, custom-made graphic that goes on the door of your fleet’s vehicles or a complete vinyl car wrap, there are many innovative ways to start letting the public know about your commercial business.

Today, we will be discussing various tips and tricks to advertising through car wraps. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of throwing together ad campaigns for your business or you just opened shop, Tint Rite Window Tinting & Vehicle Wraps is here to help you. Tint Rite is St. Louis’s Top Rated Local® window tinting service. We have excellent reviews, and we have been helping business owners all across St. Louis grow their businesses. If you are interested in learning more about our car wraps and car graphics, be sure to visit our website today or call us for more information.

Car Wrap Advertising 101

Whether you are looking for car wraps to go on your fleet of pickup trucks or you need smaller graphics to go on the side of your personal vehicle, car wrap advertising can be incredibly effective when done correctly. The most important factor of car wrap advertising is creating trust in your brand and allowing people to easily identify your company and your employees.

For construction or home maintenance services, a vehicle wrap can give your customers ease of mind knowing that the pickup truck that just pulled up to their house is indeed from the contractor they hired. Think of a car wrap as a uniform for your car. Would you send your technicians or employees out on the job without a uniform? If you answered no, then why treat your fleet any differently?

When thinking about brand visibility and trust, it is important to remember some very basic design rules.

1. Stand Out

Getting your vehicle or fleet wrapped in vinyl designs is a great way to stand out from the crowd. If you do a full car wrap, your vehicles will be instantly recognizable. The more they notice and see your vehicles with their full car wraps, the more potential customers will call your business when they need help.

Having bright colors, designs, or icons on your car will successfully draw people’s attention toward your business on a daily basis. Much like a retargeting advertisement, your vehicle’s vinyl wraps will continuously remind your potential customers of your business and the services or products you provide.

2. Make Text Short

One of the most common mistakes people make when deciding to get a vinyl wrap for their car is that they have too much text on their vehicle. Dense text or complicated messages can be lost on your target audience, especially when you or your employees are driving around.

One simple rule is to make the text on your vehicle as short as possible. Be sure to include your company name, phone number, and website, but do not include a list of services or products you offer. More often than not, your target audience will only be able to see your car wrap for about one second — make that second count!

3. Make Text Clear

Similar to the previous point, make sure that people know exactly what your business does. If you are a plumber, be sure to include the word plumber on your car wrap. Alternatively, you can use imagery related to plumbing (pipes, wrenches, water, etc.) to let your customers know what kind of business you run.

If you want to put a slogan on your fleet’s car wraps make sure that your slogan is short, clear, and catchy. If people have a hard time understanding the slogan, it won’t be as memorable or effective. Also, be sure to choose the right words and avoid any words that have different connotations that can allude to innuendos or other meanings.

Vehicle Wraps St. Louis

If you are looking for one of the best car wrap businesses in St. Louis, be sure to check out Tint Rite. We have years of experience helping business increase brand awareness through car wrap advertising. If you have any questions about our services, be sure to visit our website or call us today!