Your car is the combination of hundreds of years of scientific research combined with incredible engineering efforts by some of the brightest minds in manufacturing and design. The upholstery in your car may have been sourced from some beautiful cows, or designed and ergonomically optimized in a lab to support you throughout the windy roads that you’ll traverse. But having a car is like having a pet, looking in the mirror, or being in a relationship: it’s beautiful now, but all beauty, one day way down the long and winding road, fades.

Or is it?

You are in control of your destiny. Things like exercising and eating healthy will slow down the aging process. Taking care of your pet and feeding it a healthy diet and taking it to the vet will increase its lifespan. But what about your car? Well, fortunately, you are in control of how your car fades or stays golden and shining throughout the years.

Car Maintenance and Window Tinting

Having your car tuned up and inspected by a mechanic on a regular basis will help increase its longevity, but make sure that you are also keeping the exterior clean. The paint and fixtures are the first line of defense for your car. If you can keep these areas free of dust, dirt, and other debris from the road, you can prevent more pressing issues like rusting.

But what about the interior? You can vacuum the upholstery or polish the leather seats all you want, but one of the biggest enemies of the car interior is sunlight. Sun contains intense UV rays that can stain and degrade the fibers in your seats, carpets, and other upholstery. UV degradation is one of the biggest enemies of preserving the interior of your car. Think of your car’s interior like your skin: if it sits out in the sun for too long, it will burn, peel, and become damaged over time.

To combat the powerful, eroding effects of the sun, having your windows tinted will reduce UV degradation significantly. Tinted windows can not only increase the structural integrity of your interior over the years, but it is also a great way to keep your car cooler doing the summer.

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