Do you need more privacy in your vehicle? If you’re tired of the sun beaming through your windows, obstructing your driving, it’s time to consider auto window tinting from TintRite. Whether you just purchased a new vehicle or you’re not ready to let go of your current ride, now is the best time to tint your car windows. TintRite has over ten years of business experience providing auto tint as well as residential and commercial window tint.  

Not only does window tint make your vehicle look sleek and stylish, but there are additional benefits including:

Keep cool

Our professional window tint helps block heat-producing rays so you and your passengers enjoy a comfortable ride.

Increased privacy

TintRite offers a variety of window tint with different tint levels, allowing you to choose the desired amount of privacy.

Block UV rays

Protect your passengers and your car interior from the harmful rays of the sun.

Better visibility

Tinted windows reduce the blinding glare from the sun, allowing you to see clearly and safely.  

Professional Window Tinting in St. Louis

If you’re searching for affordable window tinting services, you might be tempted to apply your own auto tint — we strongly discourage this DIY project as an affordable option. Applying window tint on your own could result in costing you more money in the long run due to mishaps or incorrect application that will leave you searching for a professional window tint shop in St. Louis. Some things are better left to the experts.

How To Tell If Your Car Window Tint Is Bad

Not sure if your window tint is bad and needs replacement? Here are a few of the visual clues to look for:

Rough, inconsistent edges is the number one sign of an unprofessional window tint. The edge of the tint should have a clean, crisp line that sits as close to the edge of the window pane as possible.

Look for purple windows — and avoid them. A quality window tint should have a darker shade close to black.

Large bubbles in the window tint is a big red flag that the tint is bad, but the small bubbles shouldn’t be ignored either. The little bubbles can cause visual distortions while driving making it unsafe to drive.

When you bring your vehicle to TintRite, you can expect quality results at the first application. We take pride in being St. Louis’ Top Rated Local® window tinting shop and we aim to provide the best, professional services to every customer, no matter how big the job is.

Contact TintRite and schedule an estimate for your car window tint today!

The crew from TintRite Window Tinting offers auto window tinting that can help make every mile you drive a little more pleasant. We have everything necessary to complete your job at our location in St. Louis, MO. Our team will be happy to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the process, and we’ll introduce you to an array of options designed to fit most budgets.


We maintain flexible hours of operation in an effort to address the majority of our clients’ scheduling preferences, and we seek to keep our prices fair and competitive. No matter what type or size of vehicle you’d like us to work on, we’re at your service.

Look no further than TintRite Window Tinting if you’re searching for a company that offers auto window tinting to folks throughout the Greater St. Louis area. Contact us today to discover the wide range of choices we have to offer.